Frans Widerberg

1975 – 1980


Represents Norway at the 7th International de la Peinture, Cagnes-sur-mer.



Produces a lithographic poster for his forthcoming exhibition in Bergen.



One-man exhibition at the Bergen Fine Arts Society during the Bergen International Festival, from 27 May – 19 June.



May: Represents Norway at the 38th Venice Biennale. The accompanying exhibition catalogue includes an essay ‘Art, a Synthesis of Human Experience’ by Stig Andersen. The Exhibition subsequently tours to Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Norway. The first biography Frans Widerberg by Hans-Jakob Brun is published by Tanum-Norli.



Works with V Rovnjev on combined woodcut and etching technique. One-man exhibition Lithographs and Etchings, Gallery Tanum, Oslo, from 21 March – 6 April.


1980 – 1982

Widerberg’s interests at this time extend to primitive art and Shamanism. He practices Yoga and Subbud, a Sufi inspired form of meditation, and is well oriented in the Jewish Kabbalah tradition. He is interested in the cosmos, theories about time and space, and the possibility of life on other planets and reads science fiction books. His first lithograph on the theme of the Tarot is produced, and a series of 23 watercolours painted on the pages of books containing translated texts from alchemistic literature.


Exhibitions in Oslo, Bergen, Trondheim, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Kiel and Darmstadt. Festival artist at the Music festival of Northern Norway, Harstad.


2018 © Thomas Widerberg & Mara Helen Wood



Frans Widerberg