Frans Widerberg

2005 – 2017


Rider Motif 1967 – 2005, Gallery K, Oslo, from 23 March – 30 April.

Hoverers, Haugar Vestfold Kunstmuseum, from 18 May – 30 December.

After Eden, print retrospective, University Gallery, Newcastle upon Tyne, from 10 November – 22 December. Prints Aukrust Centre, 17 June – 20 August.



Attends the opening of his son Nico’s sculpture exhibition at the inauguration of Kings Place Gallery (2008 – 2015), Kings Place, London (affiliated to the University Gallery, Newcastle upon Tyne).



In London for the opening of his exhibition After Eden: Paintings and Prints, at Kings Place Gallery, from 22 May – 17 July. Exhibition travels to the University Gallery, Newcastle upon Tyne, from 11 September – 23 October.

Documentary Film produced by Tangent films for Kings Place Gallery, London. Catalogue After Eden, published to accompany the exhibition with an essay by William Varley, Published by Kings Place Gallery. One man exhibition Graphics exhibition at Gallery Rød, Halden, from 7 – 22 November.



3 x Widerberg: Prints, Sculpture, Photographs, Kihlegalleriet, Horten, 30 June – 8 August.

Attends the opening of Stromberg Gruppen in Bergen which includes a large collection paintings and sculpture by Frans Widerberg and his son Nico Widerberg. Attends the opening of his exhibition Frans Widerberg: Woodcuts at Norske Grafikere, Oslo, from 9 September – 3 October. Participates in a panel discussion on the subject of  ‘The Legacy of Frans Widerberg’, on the 16 September, with Richard Nygård, Kristian Skylstad, Day Hofseth, Holger Koefoes and Truls Ramberg.



Selected Works, one-man exhibition of recent prints at Gallery Fine Art, Oslo, October.



Hand-Coloured Prints, Baerum Kunstforening, 4 – 26 February. Landscape and Myths – Mysticism and Ecstasy, at Kunstverket, Hovedøya, 12 May – 19 August. One-man exhibition Dreamer in a Landscape opens at the University Gallery, Newcastle upon Tyne, from 30 November – 8 February.



Watercolours, Lithographs and Hand-coloured Etchings, Gallery Svae, Gjøvik, from 19 January – 3 March



Celebrates his 80th birthday in April. Attends the opening of his one-man exhibition at Kunstnerforbundet in Oslo, from 5 June – 31 July. Attends the launch of the monograph Frans Widerberg: The Art of Re-Enchantment with essays by William Varley, Michael Tucker and Holger Koefoed, published by University Gallery/MHW Publications, Newcastle upon Tyne. Participates in a panel discussion during the exhibition with Holger Koefoed at Kunstnerforbundet.  In London, attends the opening of the exhibition The Art of Re-Enchantment at Kings Place Gallery (2008 – 2015) from 5 September to the 19 December.



The exhibition, The Art of Re-Enchantment, travels to the University Gallery (1978 – 2016), Newcastle upon Tyne from the 6 February to 2 April. The artist’s son Thomas attends on behalf of his father whose health is deteriorating due to complications following a stroke in.



Attends the opening of his exhibition Alchemist Watercolours at Haugar Vestfold Kunstmuseum, from 6 February to 11 September. The series of 23 watercolours, produced in 1982, were painted on the pages of books containing translated texts from alchemistic literature and discovered in 2015 by Kjell Strand, an art dealer from Tønsberg while visiting Widerberg’s studio. The accompanying illustrated book includes and introduction by Kjell Stand, extracts of Widerberg’s texts and a selection of Stein Mehren’s poems. Published in a limited edition of 100 signed copies, by Gallery KS, Tønsberg.



In the last year of his life, Widerberg’s health deteriorated rapidly. He died peacefully at home on 7th April, on the eve of his 83 birthday. The Funeral service is held at the Oslo Cathedral on the 21 April, attended by HM Queen Sonja of Norway. His ashes are buried in the ‘Cemetery of Our Saviour’ Vår Frelsers gravlund) in Oslo, Norway.

2018 © Thomas Widerberg & Mara Helen Wood



Frans Widerberg